CATERING – we have experience in organization of catering events for both small and large numbers of guests, e.g.:
- dinner for 25 persons in the restaurant,
- lunch at the company’s premises for any number of invitees,
- party at any venue with any number of participants,
- open air receptions.

(see the gallery)
Besides the above-mentioned ones our services include:
- development of concepts of events,
- scenario development,
- preparation of decorations and costumes,
- preparation of invitations and other necessary publications,
- hire of artists,
- loudspeakers and lighting,
- rental of tents.

Every event we organize is tailored to our Customers’ needs and realized in accordance with the concept inclusive of invitations, decorations and appropriate menu.
We are an experienced team of restaurant and catering specialists. Please see some photos of the events for 150 up to several thousand participants we organized in the last years.
For more information please refer to:
Monika Zięba
mobile (+48) 601 248 756 or phone (+4858) 301 57 64